Hey all,

I'm investigating improving our current method of reporting our web
traffic - we currently use server logs only (with an annual community
survey for good measure).

I'm looking for a Javascript "page-tagging" solution, that is
unobtrusive (keeping in line with our current progressive enhancement
paradigm), standards compliant, reliable/error free (ie. Supported
across multiple browsers).

We've spent a considerable amount of time building a standards
compliant, accessible website that degrades nicely on older browsers and
less tech savvy clients, so I'm not keen on implementing a solution
that's going to brain all of our hard work.

Can anyone make any suggests... off-list if this isn't the right forum
for this thread.

Best Regards,

Paul Hempsall
Web Developer

Lake Macquarie City Council
Phone: (02) 4921-0713
Fax: (02) 4921-0566
Web: http://www.lakemac.com.au

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