On 2007/09/06 13:08 (GMT-0400) Timothy Swan apparently typed:

> If the text containers are elastic and resize as the text is resized,  
> this shouldn't be a major problem.

The comparison was made to "most other sites". Most other sites are neither 
standards compliant nor elastic.

> You're arguing that people should use the browser defaults as the  
> base; I'm arguing that long ago

"Long ago" is a point I've made upthread more than one, which seems to get 
ignored each time....

> it was determined by *most* website
> designers

Contrary to the determinations of the computer operating system designers and 
web browser designers.

> that 16 pixels was too large (I'm *not* arguing whether  
> that was the correct decision.)

Roughly a decade ago. In the meantime, the average size of a px has been 
decreasing, as a consequence of the average increase in display DPI. It may 
have been correct for the time, but it's gone stale, particularly since
the variance has also grown. There were no touchscreens or handhelds or 11" 
WXGA laptops then, nor 30" LCDs. Then as now, you don't know how big 16px is 
except for the 16px right in front of your face.
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