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> On 6 Sep 2007, at 18:30, Felix Miata wrote:

>> You're the expert. Your clientele is a limited universe you can try  
>> to educate. You could offer it a look at some authoritative sites  
>> that both exhibit respect and recommend respect.

> but sadly, in my world, they don't.

Don't what? Don't understand your instruction? Don't believe your instruction? 
Don't let you try to instruct them? Don't look at the good example sites you 
offer them? ? ? ?

> The majority is what they want to *be* like.

The majority always gets it right, right? Inertia is easy to overcome, right? 
Do they understand that it's good business to treat customers right, which on 
the WWW means big, easy-to-read text?

> I'm still looking for a best practice solution to reducing font size  
> to the *norm* and not causing problems when I do so.

> have you any suggestions on that front?

If you want an answer based upon experience, it can't really come from here, 
because I only do 100% basing, and defensive training.

The least intrusive method is building the site such that it can continue to 
nicely function no matter what size is set on body, which in essence is the 
functionally effective application of both different defaults than
yours, and zooming. (It's also a byproduct of good liquid/fluid/flexible 
design.) By controlling the whole thing solely by the size set on body, users 
also get the benefit that a simple user stylesheet can return your site
to using their default size. The whole stylesheet:

body {font-size: medium !important;}

That simplicity cannot work on sites where fonts are set on particular 
elements, or via class ids or names. Anything much beyond that one rule is 
beyond the capability of any besides web design professionals accustomed to
routine use of CSS.
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