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On 7/9/07 (07:50) Tony said:

I've been using CSS for seven years or more and I'm trying to adopt
best practice in a pragmatic way, which means I can't deliver my
clients sites with excessively large fonts - they are trying to
design interfaces that look attractive and create income for their
business.  I'm trying to ensure the sites they get are as accessible
as possible, we have to meet somewhere in the middle.

I have been reluctant to add anything to this discussion, because I suspect I do not understand a lot of what is happening in terms of the usability studies; I also must admit that the DPI comparisons have confused me.

The first point I'd like to bring up, is that, as a 'web-designer', one is often asked to create a website, not necessarily for the / users/ of the afore-mentioned site, but for the /client/. There are a number of ramifications that arise out of this situation, one of the first I suppose is that there is a divergence between what would be best for the users, and what one has been asked to do. I'm sure many of us have been in this situation - I may know that there is a large body of information that suggests that one /should/ design using default text-sizes as a base - but no amount of convincing is going to work with the client. Where there are significant amounts of money involved, I don't know whether I have the luxury - definitely not at present - to say 'I'm sorry, I can't work with you'.

But none of those sites telling me that I can create perfectly nice- looking, commercially viable designs using default text sizes have actually put their design-money where their mouth is.

Try the Chelsea Creek Studio:

I particularly like this one:

It is possible, and I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to work with larger text-sizes and yet arrive at an aesthetic solution.

In summary, to my somewhat incoherent soliloquy:
- One cannot always design to accepted best practices (in this case, default text sizes), where ones autonomy is restricted - Designing using these best practices does not need to result in a 'minimal level of design styling', or an un-aesthetic solution

Do forgive me if I have missed the point completely, I frequently do.
 - Rahul.

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