On 7/9/07 (11:50) Rahul said:

>Try the Chelsea Creek Studio:
>I particularly like this one:

Yes, both fine designs. (I was simply pulling my example sites from the
list of those that had been proffered up-thread as information sources
about default sizes being best).

>It is possible, and I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to work  
>with larger text-sizes and yet arrive at an aesthetic solution.

I agree that it should be (and clearly is) possible to create reasonably
aesthetically pleasing [1] designs using default text sizes. I found it
ironic, however, that the sites telling me to use default sizes failed
so spectacularly to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution [2] themselves.

>Do forgive me if I have missed the point completely
No, you hit it bang on I think.
Thanks for your views!

Rick Lecoat

[1] A very subjective judgement call, of course.
[2] Again, that's subjective.

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