I am working on a bilingual site (chinese/english) that needs to pass at least WCAG AA, the site is UTF-8 charset and I didn't use lang attribute in the meta because it's a bilingual site.

and I am getting this error on Priority 3 Verification Checklist:

4.3 Identify the primary natural language of a document.

* Rule: 4.3.1 - Documents are required to use the META element with the 'name' attribute value 'language' in the Head section. o Note: This rule has not been selected to be verified for this checkpoint. * Rule: 4.3.2 - The HTML (Root) element must use the 'lang' attribute. o Failure - The HTML (Root) element does not use the 'lang' attribute.

What do you propose I should do to make the 'failure' goes away?



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