On 10/9/07 (14:27) Felix said:

>http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/access-lipservice .

To be fair, Felix, I never said that the sites advocating default text
sizes *should* be highly designed; I merely noted the irony that they
were not, given that they were telling designers how to size type.

The link above reminded me to raise one of your points again, because it
struck me as counter-intuitive. No doubt I misinterpreted your
reasoning, so perhaps you could help me out with a bit of clarification.
The bit in question is this:

>Do you suppose most web authors are using little old computer displays
>to do their work 40 hours per week. Not likely, is it? No, as a group,
>they have fine equipment, typically using displays much larger than
>average, 21" or larger in many cases. So, their concept of how big is
>big enough is further skewed smaller than average.

You appear to be saying that the larger screens used by designers tempt
them to err on the smaller side when sizing type. But larger screens
generally mean higher resolutions, with a given type size (say 14px)
therefore appearing smaller on a bigger screen than it would on a
smaller one. Eg. 12px type looks much bigger (physicallly) at 800x600
than it does at 1600x1200.

Indeed, it's an argument that you have used yourself in favour of
increasing type size; as screens evolve their native resolution
increases and so the same (nominal) type specification looks
progressively smaller with each generation of screen.

All perfectly logical.

*Except* that it seems to me that when something looks smaller, the
natural tendency -- even for freaky, bizarre, bad-in-the-head designers
-- is to make things larger to compensate.

Surely, the logical follow-through of stating that designers use larger,
higher-resolution screens than the average, should be that they are
therefore more inclined to make their type larger? Yet you appear to
argue the opposite.

Can you clarify this point, because it's been bugging me.

Rick Lecoat

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