> The question is, why should we force anyone to do it?

Well the short answer is: because corporations won't do it without
being forced. So if we want a non-discriminatory society, we have to
force corporations to do good things.

> No one makes his site
> non-accessible out of discriminating motives.

That doesn't help the people being discriminated against.

> They do it because they are
> either lazy or ignorant. Ignoring a request to fix the site is still not
> discrimination, it is simply not caring. Target's managers are dumb, but
> they didn't do anything illegal.

I don't know American law well enough to be sure, but under .au law
that would actually be classed as discrimination and hence illegal...
because it is discriminating against a group of people based on
disability. They are treating disabled people as second-class
citizens. Australia has laws against that. They're not enforced all
that effectively, but we have laws.

Target are saying "If you are blind, you are worthless. We only take
money from people who aren't like you." In a physical environment the
equivalent would be turning them away at the door. Would you tolerate
that if it was based on gender, religion or race?


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