Rick Lecoat wrote:
Hi there;

I'm currently laying down the markup for a site and have been pondering
whether to put page content above navigation in the source. I often read
that this is a good idea, and that makes perfect sense to me as long as
there are skip links so that people can reach the navigation easily, but
I recently read an article at usability.com.au that would seem to
indicate that few users of screen readers expect this to be the case.

Is there a prevailing wisdom in this matter?
Content first? Or navigation first?

I think the article <http://usability.com.au/resources/source-order.cfm> *is* the prevailing wisdom in this matter :)

To quote from the summary:
"This paper proposes that when it comes to accessibility, the quality of the actual code on a web page is much more important than the ordering of the page content. Meaningful and appropriately marked up headings, descriptive link text and the clear identification of different levels of navigation, allow screen reader users to most effectively use their technologies when visiting a website."


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