The only research on this was on a tiny number of screen reader users (18 as
I recall) and they had a very slight bias towards haing the navigation
first. However, there were differences between people of differing ability.
Experienced users tended to just deal with whatever was thrown at them,
whereas less-experienced users had a strong preference for having the
navigation first because that's what they were used to.

We have not explicitly tested this, but such a site came up during one of
our public JAWS demonstrations. The screen reader user (who is highly
proficient) didn't like it at all. It took him a while to figure out what
was going on, and it was a struggle even after he did.

A lot of people spout opinions on this, but it is all conjecture, and most
of the people making assertions in favour of having content first have no
experience of user testing. People expect sites to behave the way they
always have done, so before we go changing the source order I would want to
see a credible study and a significant bias in favour of change.



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Hi there;

I'm currently laying down the markup for a site and have been pondering
whether to put page content above navigation in the source. I often read
that this is a good idea, and that makes perfect sense to me as long as
there are skip links so that people can reach the navigation easily, but I
recently read an article at that would seem to indicate
that few users of screen readers expect this to be the case.

Is there a prevailing wisdom in this matter?
Content first? Or navigation first?

Rick Lecoat

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