Great to see gatherings of like-minded folk all over the place. As a
side note, have you heard about Pubstandards UK?

Website has kind of died off, but they have a mailing list that has
updates on meetings (Generally something on every week or so from what
I hear, with Sub-standards). Some very interesting webby people get

For Australian Melbournites, there is also Pubstandards:


On 10/9/07, Joseph Ortenzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For the Attention of those of you in London, UK.
> WS Meetup London Group
> I hope this isn't an infringement of the mailing list. Apologies if I got it
> wrong. Sorry for the short notice but there has been a bit of an internal
> debate on the merits of letting you all know about this.
> For those of you who are not aware, there is a site called Meetup dot com
> that allows people to create a regular group meeting among people who wish
> to meet and discuss a topic. anything from books, television programs,
> games, etc. whatever your interests it helps you find others then start a
> group. For the past year or so there have been over 100 people who expressed
> an interest in joining a Web Standards Meetup Group and I managed to get a
> few dozen interested in joining these past weeks.
> There will be an inagural meeting of the Web Standards London Meetup Group
> TONIGHT for anyone interested in discussing issues around implementing Web
> Standards.
> This is in no way connected to WASP or Web Standards Group dot org and arose
> from my experiences in various meetups around London.
> The aim of this meetup is to have informal discussions or very short
> presentations (15 mins max) in a pub or coffee-house and to open the floor
> to informal discussions, support, sharing and commiserate. If possible I
> would very much like to help promote the WSG London branch through this.
> They don't seem to be posting their events on the site
> since July 2006, even though you get to join the London branch by joining
> Please visit: if you
> are interested in joining this group, which, as some have mentioned in the
> discussion, is not designed to supplant but instead to compliment the
> existing London group.
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> Joe Ortenzi
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