Hi all!

Short version:

A. <li value="3"> is not allowed in strict HTML 4/XHTML 1.0, Spec says "use CSS".

B. I want to start at 3.

C: CSS has no means to specify a start value!

Pick your poison:

1. Invalid code
2. Use a transitional DOCTYPE
3. Set value with DOM-script

Long version:

How do we handle clear errors in the (X)HTML specs? This one seems to indicate:

a. Lack of communication between (X)HTML WG and CSS WG at W3C
b. Bad thinking by the (X)HTML WG (in the past - on this issue), as the starting value is content, not presentation.

But regardless of whom I should blame there is a problem to solve. I would like to know which solution that you would use and why.

Lars Gunther

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