> How hard would it be to have the list start with two empty elements,
> removed from view in what ever way works best?
> Mike

It would be very simple, though you'd need to use a class for it.
Empty list items isn't exactly semantic, however, and anyone browsing with
css turned off would see two empty list items, as would those using
text-based browsers.  I know that's not a high percentage of the internet
population, but something to consider.

I would probably go with the invalid code at this point, especially
considering the fact that the css methods are not supported by IE 6 which as
we all know still has it's claws dug firmly into the market.

I do not, however, think that the numbers in an ordered list are content in
all cases.  I think there is a line between when the numbers are content and
when they are presentational.

Semantically speaking, I think the ordered list should only be used when the
ORDER of the items is of importance to the meaning of the document.  If you
can take away the numbers without taking away from the meaning of the
document, then in my book the numbers have crossed the line from content to
presentation.  At that point they are there purely as a visual means of
separating pieces of the document to make it easier to read.  Like bullets,
asterisks and arrows they would fall in the realm of presentation.

Not sure if I'm being totally clear there, but that's sort of how I see it.


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