On Oct 13, 2007, at 10:10 PM, Jens Brueckmann wrote:

I prepared a short example at http://lairx.de/071011/numbering- lists.html

Triggers strict mode in Firefox - what about MSIE, Opera, Safari, etc?

Opera 9.23/Win32+Linux and MSIE 6 SP1 both render in strict mode as well.
I do not know about Safari though.

Safari, WebKit, Konqueror 3.5.7 : Strict mode.
iCab: I'm not sure. Its error console says 'unrecognised doctype', and my bookmarklet doesn't work in iCab. But I think Strict mode (that would make sense for an unrecognised doctype).

IE Mac: Quirks mode.

Philippe Wittenbergh

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