"i wonder how many people using screen readers ever make it down there to
the footer/copyright"
In my experience they often do, although that's not because they are looking
for it. Remember that a screen reader user has no idea how long a page is
until they get to the end. They may be one line from the end, yet still have
no idea what percentage is left.

To some extent it depends on the page content. If it's a form they will
probably submit it when they get to the Submit button, although more
experienced users might look for special notes and validation rules below
the form. If it's static content they will usually keep going till they
reach content that exists on all pages, which may be the right-hand column
or the footer depending on the design.



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agreed, good message Ben...

something this thread made me think about that i really hadn't considered
before, and can't recall reading about anywhere (granted i am new around

with all the skips and "jump to"s and methods for pulling links and
whatnots, i wonder how many people using screen readers ever make it down
there to the footer/copyright/whatever-else-you-put-there 

most sites have the major links duplicated down there at the bottom so the
anyone who has scrolled down can navigate from there if they'd like.  on the
vast majority of websites, this comes ABOVE the copyright portion.  the
copyright portion is also usually where you find privacy notices, terms of
service links, etc. 

i'm sure they can be found by someone using a screen reader if they look,
but it just seems like someone listening to a page being read out would
likely move on to a new location before the reader ever got down to that
last section. 

any thoughts?

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