On 10/13/07, Christian Montoya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In a way, it's kind of like <embed> vs. <object>.

In a way, but...

> Of course, if you really want to use innerHTML, you could probably go
> right ahead. But if you are already using a very DOM-friendly
> framework like jQuery, you may as well take advantage of the face that
> it makes all the proper DOM methods very easy to use.

(I might well be talking out of my backside here in which case, feel
free to shoot me down in flames...)

IIRC the innerHTML methods are significantly faster than W3C DOM
methods in current mainstream browsers. In most cases it won't make a
lot of difference, but if you're pushing a large amount of data around
the page, it can be very helpful.

I'm not saying you should use innerHTML exclusively -- In most cases I
still turn to W3C DOM methods. Sometimes though, IE will slow right
down, and innerHTML can be a good way of extracting a bit more speed
from it.


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