Hi Kepler,

Thanks for checking.

For http://spanish-portuguese.berkeley.edu/ -
I'm not seeing a horizontal scrollbar in IE7 until you resize below around 770px (after the 3rd column drops below the 2nd). I suspect this is the behavior you wanted since FireFox behaves the same way. One thing I did note
was the search heading remained at the right and didn't drop below the
second column like the rest of the 3rd column. I suspect it is because it is
contained in the second column's div:

I guess this one isn't a good example of what I was trying to find out in IE 7 as it's min-width is smaller than 800px.

For http://www.thinkvitamin.com/ -
This site has a scrollbar in IE7 around 884px. It appears that this is
caused by the footer. In FireFox it just ignores that the right portion of the footer is being chopped off and doesn't give you a scrollbar but as soon
as the footer content doesn't fit in IE7 the scroll bar appears.

I didn't noticed that the content in footer being chopped off, but yes, this is what I was trying to determine whether IE 7 has issue with elastic + fluid layout (is there a name for such layout?), or other browsers that got the words chopped off is wrong.

I made the screenshots for Firefox in Mac and PC, and IE 6 Vs IE 7 standalone.

http://lotusseedsdesign.com/ie.png - you can clearly see IE 7 has scollbar at 800px and the reason for it is footer text.

I am trying to fix a similar layout that I submitted to accessites.org. My layout initially was elastic and aimed for 1024 screen user, however they found horizontal scrollbar at 800px - 800px without horizontal scrollbar is one of the criteria. I wanted this be fixed, so I amended my layout to "elastic + fluid" like the above two sites, and I am getting some 70px scrollbar at 800px screen in my standalone IE 7, not IE 6. (no special treatment is served for IE 6/7 for the outer wrap). At 800px screen in other browsers, no words being chopped off though.



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