Certainly for this example, the use of an ordered list is incorrect - there is 
a strong hint there in the description; this should be marked up with <p> tags, 
with the identifier as the first bit of text, ie the number is content in this 
If you think about it, the 'label' of each item MUST remain the same, 
regardless of how much or little of the document is quoted, and more to the 
point adding or removing content MUST NOT alter the numbering. This is the 
exact opposite of what an OL is intended to do.


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My 2&cent;

At my College, we often wish to publish excerpts from official policy  
manuals &tc where we're showing Section 2.4.7, Paragraphs B through  
G, points 3-16, and so on...

The CSS counter mechanisms are great for showing the whole document,  
but fall completely apart when you want to reference just a piece of  
the document...

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