On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 09:23:04 +1000, Kit Grose wrote:

> I'm a big fan of JS libraries. I use Prototype (and Script.aculo.us) and YUI 
> quite a
> lot as the basis of a lot of my larger JS-based sites. The advantage of YUI 
> isn't so
> much its ability to maintain strong standards, but its very strong 
> cross-browser
> compatibility (so if you use Yahoo.DOM, you're getting a standard DOM across 
> every
> browser; as with events, etc.).
> Prototype's biggest strength is its ability to keep common functions short 
> and simple
> in your own code files. I can perform complex AJAX throughout a webapp with 
> maybe three
> lines of JS (plenty of PHP, mind you).
> I've never really tried jQuery, because it's been marketed wrong for me. I've 
> been
> using Javascript since ~1998 and have been doing things with it the "old" way 
> (when
> everyone declared their variables on a global scope and functions were all 
> called on
> the onclick, onmouseover events explicitly in code, and when anything fancy 
> was called
> DHTML). I've spent the years since then developing my syntax and thinking to 
> keep in
> line with the industry, and am comfortable with the syntax people have come to
> associate with "new" Javascript (Object notation, DOM manipulation, etc.). 
> jQuery is
> marketed as a way to change JS syntax significantly (with a view to greater 
> speed,
> marketed as a sort of Rails on the client side), which would mean a massive 
> change for
> someone who already has four different programming/ scripting languages to 
> flick
> between on a daily basis (not counting HTML and CSS syntax). I've heard only 
> good
> things from people starting out with JS though.

Just chiming in here to say that I think all of Kit's comments are right
"on the money".

I was initially very attracted to jQuery because I am much more familiar
with CSS syntax than JavaScript/ECMAScript. However, using it does not
make me a better scripter, while YUI simply gives me cross-browser
routines where I need them, so I can make better choices of technique
as I learn the language.

Protoype etc. I have yet to learn, but I understand the same thing is true.


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