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> Subject: [WSG] introducing a prompt to download or open a pdf
> i know that this has come up before, but would someone point me to
best practices to introduce a > > > prompt to open or download a pdf or
any file for that matter?
> dwain


Funnily enough I'm working on a design pattern for this, as it doesn't
seem to be documented very well in the usual design pattern collections.

I'd recommend displaying with a PDF icon, the text 'PDF' and a file size
(in Kb or Mb). I suggest setting the target to a new window, then the
user can righ click to save.

If you want to go further, I'd suggest having two links labelled 'open'
and 'save'. You could put in a pop-up with the option; but I think that
this would break the expected behaviour more. You could also detect the
connection speed and suggest a download time; but this may not give you
much ROI.

It's always good to have an HTML version of the content; but you've
probably already thought of that.

I'd be keen to know other people's thoughts; especially if you know of
any design patterns for this.


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