doing a couple of web projects for a couple of subjects doing in my web design 
one of the pages, needs either to link to a chat room, and need an offline 
version, so that i can install it locally on my flash drive, and then link it 
to my local files and folders and able to load the page locally.
do you know of any off line cms and chat room software?
need to display this as part of my page for the 2 websites for my project, as 
for the next 21 days from october 21 to november 12.
can any one help?
did post this on the cms list.
but need an answer by friday, or else, will have to wait till i come back from 
vacation, as going to Tasmania on the boat to visit friends, with my parents.
if you can help, let me know asap.
i hope this post is on topic.
cheers Marvin.Visit My Home Page At: http://startrekcafe.stevesdomain.netVisit 
My Jaws Australia Group At: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/JawsOz 
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