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Macs do have a right click (right-click being a geenral Microsoft / PC term)

Holding down control or the new mouse Apple releases with a right click option.


Chris Price wrote:
I would use the file name (or description) as a hyperlink. Its good to have the file size so the visitor knows what they're dealing with.

I link to a php page for pdf downloads. The header of the page ensures that the file is served as a pdf not html which means that an option is presented asking the user whether they want to save or view the pdf. This way you're fixing how the file is to be served rather than letting the browser decide.

The same page can be used for any format (Word, Excel etc.). The file type is put in the link as a query.

I have seen many sites where the link opens to a new window but I am then presented with the same save/view option and left with an empty window and its all very messy.

BTW Macs don't have a right click.

Paul Minty wrote:
I'd recommend displaying with a PDF icon, the text 'PDF' and a file size
  (in Kb or Mb). I suggest setting the target to a new window, then the
user can righ click to save.

If you want to go further, I'd suggest having two links labelled 'open'
and 'save'. You could put in a pop-up with the option; but I think that
this would break the expected behaviour more. You could also detect the
connection speed and suggest a download time; but this may not give you
much ROI.
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