> Except, James, that folk who make elastic layouts very often want the
> aesthetics (graphics)  to expand along with the text etc. This is not a
> problem if you size the graphics in em units, but of course you can't do
> that with backgrounds.
> ??
> Bob

backgrounds can be positioned using relative units.  you can't set the size,
but you can set the size of whatever element in the html you attach them to.

what i think you're talking about i would handle by making a larger image,
then i would choose what part i want to show normally, what the focus would
be.  i would then set the height and/or width of the element i am attaching
the background image to using ems, and then specify the background position
using percentages.  that way, as the text is expanding, so is the canvas
that the image is on, so you see more image, but the focus of the image
remains at whatever i initially chose because i used the percentages to keep
it there despite resizing the box.

play around with it and see what you get.  i think it is discussed in a few
different books as well.

take care,


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