> I have two questions regarding images added via CSS.
> 1) I added an image for each bullet via CSS .box ul li. How do I specify alt
> text in this situation? Do I add alt text in the HTML...even though there
> would be no image if CSS was disabled?

Since it adds no meaning/information, it doesn't need alt text.

Think of it this way: what would there be to include as alt text? Each
list item has already been identified by the markup as being a list
item. The bullet image is just a prettier version of the default
bullet. Adding alt text would just be annoying to anyone who really
needs it.

> 2) What is the implication (what do I need to do) for purely
> presenation/aesthetic images?

Either insert them via CSS or use alt="".

WCAG Samurai Errata for WCAG 1.0 cover this too -

Corrections to Guideline 1.1
You can leave a text equivalent blank (e.g., null alt text, alt="") if
preceding or -following text has the same function as a text equivalent.
If images must be used for list bullets, do so only using CSS, as with
ul { list-style: url("arrow.gif") disc }


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