I am having an issue and I can't seem to see the whole picture objectively.

Thanks to your influences, it has become my second nature to have 'skip to content' in every site I do (sites I have control over the design and layout); when I do markup coding, clients often ignore the 'skip to content' and 'skip to nav' - I managed to convinced them a couple times with a compromise to hide it from browsers by using 'display:none', because, according to them, only screen users need 'skip to content'.

I am doing a site that I have control on design and layout, client asked to remove the 'skip to content' when I showed him the first layout, I tried to talk him out by stating how important it is to have the 'skip to content' implemented. He didn't buy it, so I came out with this technique:
teesworks.com/ (move your mouse to the top to see the result).

Haven't show it to client yet. Been working on this site in the last 2 days, I find that I am getting so annoyed by the "surprise' everytime the hover pops up. There is no way to miss it everytime I move the cursor to the top.

If I, the site builder, find it annoying, what will the users find ? I am beginning to think this is causing a usability issue and is killing all other usable elements that I work so hard to try to get them right.

Please give me your thought.

Many thanks!


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