On Oct 28, 2007, at 11:44 AM, Tee G. Peng wrote:

... so I came out with this technique:
teesworks.com/ (move your mouse to the top to see the result).

Haven't show it to client yet. Been working on this site in the last 2 days, I find that I am getting so annoyed by the "surprise' everytime the hover pops up. There is no way to miss it everytime I move the cursor to the top.

I agree with you: the 'hover' technique is way more annoying, and it will annoy way more people.

'skip links' should be visible all the time, as they are useful for sighted users (e.g using the keyboard). A compromise solution I have used: when a client doesn't want them, hide them (position them of screen, not display:none), but make them visible when those links are focussed (by pressing the tab key).

a.skiplinks {position:absolute; left: -999em;}
a.skiplinks:active {left: 1em;}
:active state is for iExploder. Add additional styling to taste.

Not really perfect, just a compromise.

Philippe Wittenbergh

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