Tee G. Peng wrote:

Been working on this site in the last 2 days, I find that I am getting so annoyed by the "surprise' everytime the hover pops up.

If I, the site builder,  find it annoying, what will the users find ?

As a user I find that kind of "visual flicker" highly annoying.

I am beginning to think this is causing a usability issue and is killing all other usable elements that I work so hard to try to get them right.

A 'Skip to content' link may have its uses, but I don't see much need
for one in that design - too few links to skip (at least in that dev page).
Basic accessibility is too hard to sell anyway, and I don't see the
point in annoying clients and/or the majority of users with such minor
issues when there are so many other practical issues to take care of and
spend dev-time on.

Personally I don't provide "skip to (whatever)" links in a design unless
there's a client-request for them, and then I style them without any
"flicker" effects.


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