I agree with you: the 'hover' technique is way more annoying, and it will annoy way more people.

Thanks all for your response. I now can clearly see I got myself carried away by my 'try-to-do-thing-right' little obsession :)

Ok, three of you said "skip to content is of little use in this site, but if I still want to keep it (and able to keep client happy), I suppose this won't upset users right?

#skip_nav a {display: block;padding: 0.35em;text-indent: -200em;text- decoration: none;}

John said don't use display:block. Actually the very reason I used it is because I want a user able to click on any area of the top. Is this as bad as the annoying hover effect?

Georg, can you kindly take a look on IE6? The horizontal menu doesn't load smoothly, when the page is fully loaded, the header's part reloads, I suspect it has to do with the clear both class yet I can't figure a fix for IE (tried all tricks from hasLayout)

<div id="header">
<h1 id="logo">background image <span>xxx</span></h1>
<div id="header_search">....</div>
<div class="clear"> <!-- without clear:both" the horizontal menu moves up, sits below the search field --></div>
<div id="menu">
<div class="clear"> <!-- the gray background won't show up without clearing --></div>

#logo {float: left}
#header search {float:right}
.clear {height:0;clear:both}

IEs show a  6px to 8px gap between h1 logo and the menu., so I have
margin-top: -6px for IEs. my guess is the clear class causing it.
It works except that in IE 6, as described, the header reloads after the page fully loaded.



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