On 30/10/07 (13:38) willdonovan said:

>I loaded up your page, facinated by your achievement for a semantic 

'Fascinated' is one of those worryingly ambiguous terms... ;-)

> it looks good, however I'm getting validation errors for the 
>DOC type, the img tag and trimming empty on 2 span tags,
>Did you get the same?

Thanks for the check-over William; weirdly I'm not getting those
validation errors, either from Web Developer Toolbar or the W3C
validator itself.
What is particularly odd about that is that I thought that I *did* have
one glitch to fix (brought on by a change made to the page since I
originally posted the URL to the group), but it has apparently
evaporated into the ether. Very odd.

The mystery error was indeed on the img tag, and stemmed from the fact
that I misunderstood how a longdesc attribute works -- I had put regular
text in there like an alt  attribute, whereas I believe that it should
be a URL pointing to a descriptive document. (My description --  a
repetition of the text displayed in the animated gif -- was a few
characters too long for a regular alt text).

The wrongly conceived longdesc is still in place, however, so I don't
know why the validation error has vanished, unless the original error
report was a mistake.

Are you using a different validator to me?

Rick Lecoat

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