On 30/10/07 (14:09) JonMarc said:

>the site looks good.  visually i would maybe slow down your animated gif a
>bit, or include the company name or slogan or something and have it stop
>after going through once or maybe looping just a couple of times and fall to
>rest on the name/slogan/whatever.  it's a bit fast and i found the constant
>movement to be a slight distraction.
>just a thought.

And a perfectly good thought, at that.
In this case I'm trying to keep the look and feel of the site as close
as CSS will allow to the existing tables-based version that the client
likes (and has been living with for a couple of years), so I'm leaving
as many elements unchanged as possible, and that will include the gif
speed, at least for now.

Also, the speed of the gif does vary according to the computer it's
being viewed on; high spec machines will let it whizz through its
frames, but on some machines (eg girlfriend's iBook) it crawls past.

>looks outstanding for a first effort!

Ah, now THAT just made my day. Thank you.

Rick Lecoat

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