Its a personal reason.

I like to do everything from design, to build, to backend scripting to
deploying. I find
its less hassle to create my own layouts for the job i am working on.
Im the same
with JS and PHP, even though there are pre compiled scripts out there,
i would rather
create my own, so at least when i can't find the answer to a problem i will have
the experience to create it.

There are alot of aids out there, but i am a man of dry grass and 2
flints, i will create
a fire with the bare essentials.

I worked for a company, and many of the developers were questioning
the use of YUI
Grids, the boss said he took to much pride in his company to base his
around someone else's creation, i feel that was a bit strong, but
there are alot of
people that don't and won't use them.

On Oct 31, 2007 12:18 AM, Paul Bennett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You mean the 'Golden Mean'? Not that I can see - grids offers a variety of 
> column widths and nesting. You do a large variety of things with it and 
> column widths don't appear to be golden mean base, but based on Yahoo's 
> enormous experience .
> > I am slowly learning to create aesthetically pleasing web designs, although 
> > i would never use the Yahoo framework
> As someone who is getting ready to implement grids for a large government 
> project, may I ask why not?
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