I agree. Pixel perfection is almost always only achievable through the use of absolute positioning, absolute font-sizes, and the like. Those type of things go against many standards and common-best-practices of web design, which needs to inherently be flexible to match the broad number of browsers, resolutions, available fonts, and the like.

Ian Chamberlain wrote:
Jeremy, is your client really looking for "pixel perfection"
I note you are also looking for a person who is passionate and has a thorough understanding of web design; such a person may have difficulty with pixel perfection.
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    Company: s2m Digital
    Job Title: Mid weight Web Designer (3-5 years experience)- leading
    Description: My client is a large magazine publisher with a
    diverse group of leading titles.

    The designer will be responsible for creating dynamic, visually
    compelling and functional website interface as well as advertising
    designs across their portfolio. They must have the ability to
    create “pixel perfect” front-end designs from initial concept to
    finished Photoshop (or similar) screens.


    • Designing usable, accessible interfaces, websites and user
    experiences for the clients' sites
    • Working with sales and editorial teams to develop design
    solutions that deliver business and corporate objectives and
    fulfill user needs
    • Assisting with day-to-day promotional materials for website
    • Working with technical colleagues to ensure appropriate delivery
    of design solutions; maximizing accessibility and usability of
    products and services

    Essential criteria:

    • A thorough understanding of web design, its forms, functions and
    unique constraints is essential
    • Must have a genuine passion for web design
    • A working knowledge of the principles of user interaction design
    and information architecture will be highly regarded as well as
    experience designing for CSS / .NET
    • First-rate skills in Photoshop, Image Ready and Illustrator.
    Familiarity with In Design is an advantage.
    • Must have a strong portfolio of consumer websites – able to
    interpret existing magazines online. Understanding of the breadth
    of brands represented under the masthead, and the design aesthetic
    necessary for each brand.
    • Experience designing for mobile, understanding of Flash + action
    scripting or digital video editing and streaming video for the web
    will be highly regarded but not essential


    Jeremy Champion

    Talent Broker

    s2m Digital

    s2m Executive

    s2m Sales and Marketing

    www.s2m.com.au <blocked::http://www.s2m.com.au/>

    Level 7, 280 George Street

    Sydney NSW 2000

    Ph: +61 2 9228 9000

    Fax: +61 2 9228 9090

    Mobile: 0433 249 725


    By using any information in this document you agree to be bound by
    the standard terms and conditions of s2m Executive Pty. Ltd. You
    agree not to employ or arrange employment of candidates supplied
    in this document without first entering into a contractual
    agreement with s2m Executive Pty. Ltd. You further agree not to
    divulge any information contained in this document to any persons
    or entities without the express written permission of s2m
    Executive Pty. Ltd.

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