On 11/1/07, Tom Livingston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "* Use the em and strong elements for emphasis, not to make text bold
> or italic (i.e. do not mindlessly replace i and b with em and
> strong)."
> Specifically, for example, if I want a few bold words in the middle of
> a sentence, what then should I use? Are "b" and "i" still ok to use?
> They aren't deprecated? I could have sworn reading a year or 2 ago
> that "b" and "i" were so "last year" I'm just still a little confused
> with this statement. I am SLOWLY trying to better my skill set here.
> Sorry if this is basic stuff to you...

The idea is that you should use <strong> or <em> if you mean strong or
emphasis. If you are writing a book title, the you shouldn't use
either, but rather something like a <span class="book"> with your
styling of choice. It all comes down to semantic markup. <em> and
<strong> mean something, <b> and <i> only have inferred meaning based
on traditional publishing rules and context.

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