'Universal Principles of Design' states that the Golden Ration is also
known as: golden mean; golden number; golden section, golden proportion,
divine proportion and sectio aurea.

It is an anceint (dating back to the classical greeks) principle of
geometry. It may be an early attempt to codify a cognitive phenomenon or
a simple tradition. The Fibonacci Sequence can converge to a golden

The ratio is 0.618.

For a comprehensive discussion of proportions that include the golden
mean, see 'Geometry of Design - Studies in Proportion and Composition'
by Kimberly Elam (2001).

This also presents a case that the general population prefers designs
based on some geometric proportions.

Another reference is: 'Grids, the structure of graphic design' by Andre
Jute (1996).

The YUI Grids patterns do not have any great focus on a geometrical
proportion. Our Art Director decided that we would have a strong
emphasis on classic proportions as part of our house style. Therefore we
modified the YUI grids CSS files to change the default proportions to
the ones that our Art Director wants to use on a regular basis. This
improves our quality and speed on most jobs.

It also helps wire-framing as we use a particular proportion to give
consistency and attractiveness to our wire-frames.


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James Jeffery wrote:
> Hmmm interesting i might take a look at it.
> I would love to know more about YUI Grids and the 'Golden Mean'.
> James

FWIW, the "Golden Mean" is a matter of philosophy.  I believe the search
string you seek is "Golden Ratio."




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