Hello all,
We have a huge website using CSS that is going out the door next month, and
it is ready for testing after the 15th. This application is to go against
some of the big search engine giants out there ran by large communication
corporations (you know the ones I mean).

Anyone interested can register for testing on http://www.clickfind.com.au/
Last time I made cash available for testers, however, for most people it was
more the fun of being able to find holes/bugs that we did not! This time
we'll offer a 6 month listing worth $119.70 for every bug/layout* concern

Anyone interested can find a PDF with demo pages on
http://www.clickfind.com.au/Clickfind-demo1.pdf and register for testing by
submitting your email on http://www.clickfind.com.au/ or sending me an email

We will provide more details closer to the testing.
Thanks and looking forward hearing from you.

*layout/css issues are to be accompanied with a full fix, any other issues,
like application errors etc. can be reported on their own

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