It won't work in any other browser I know of as well. See this demo case:
(explained at )

Of course I don't suggest using an empty div tag with no id. It was just an example. But, semantically, even empty tags with ids are bad practice, are they not?

I believe quite some time will pass before we get real xml support in most browsers.
It's a shame...

On Nov26, 2007, at 12:19 AM, Jason Grant wrote:

Hi Dusan,

Here are some of the unofficial guidelines I work with:

<div /> will not work with IE in certain circumstances. It might give you some errors which you might find mind-bogglingly difficult to debug (i.e.
very weird behaviour).

<div></div> will behave much better, but (unless you have an ID or a class on it) I suggest you do not use empty <div>s at all. I certainly don't use
them. What's the real need for it if you think about it really?

As far as <input /> is concerned, it is a sort of a special tag in so far that all its attributes are defined within the tag (i.e. value, type, name,
id, class, size, maxlength, etc.), so there is no need for any content
between the opening and closing tags, hence in XHTML we use <input type="" value="" name="" />. This is valid XML and it conforms to the standards.

Hope this helps.



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