Dear All,

Many thanks for all the feedback on this question. It really serves to back up my own opinions and the message that I have been trying to convey to the client.

As someone mentioned - the client is sure that they had 'seen it done somewhere'. My own view is along the lines of others - if the content is on a web page then someone can copy it one way or another, and this just has to be accepted. The client is intending to make the data available on a subscription basis, so that at least restricts access to paying customers.

Thanks again for all the input - I will summarise and present to the client.

Have a great Christmas one and all.


Chris Taylor wrote:
From: Joe Ortenzi
Sent: 21 December 2007 07:32

Why not simply make people register for it? Then you
have their details and if you make the registration
process intelligent, they will be aware they are being
tracked and more likely to behave. All sorts of benefits
and if the discussion forum is inside there as well then
you can even claim some web 2.0-ness as an added benefit
of registration!

This to me seems like a good option, and by registering someone you could then give them 
a "doctored" version of the data including unique information to tie that 
particular view of the data with their session. That unique ID could be in a table cell, 
in the title of the page, as a footer etc. If you found a copy of that data with the 
unique session ID anywhere you could trace it back to a date, time, IP address and 
registered user.

Of course the problem there is that anyone with a bit of HTML skill could 
remove the unique ID from the page. Still, it may help to deter casual copiers.


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