russ - maxdesign skrev:

It is a very interesting chart (I haven't seen anyone map out the IE8
situation this well), but it also renders poorly in Safari (can't read a lot
of the text)... Do you have a simpler version of the chart (like, horror of
horrors, an image) you could post and then link here for discussion?


Here is the PNG that's used as a fallback to my SVG-chart:

I have also added a link on the HTML-page.

If anyone wishes to edit the original in Dia, here's that link:


Concerning the SVG situation:

Here is the PDF with screenshots in many different browsers:

I received feedback today on the SVG bugs, saying the SVG looks perfect in Opera 9.5 beta and, FWIW, Firefox 1.5 on Ubuntu.

Here is the bug that makes FFox 2.0 go bananas with minimum font size:

If anyone knows what bug it can be that makes FFox 3 handle my SVG worse than FFox 2, please help me find it or report it. Safari 3 and FFox 3 might share a substantial amount of code, since they get it equally wrong...

Lars Gunther

P.S. You may treat all this as "public domain" if you wish to edit and reproduce it.

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