I don't think they're ignoring the "mess" they created at all..

You're right there. They're not ignoring the problem, it's just that a lot
of people don't agree with their solution.

> adding a meta tag really too much work to provide your users/visitors
> the viewing experience they should have?

Consider it this way: is any other browser maker asking you to modify every
single HTML document you publish, just to fix a problem *they* created?
...and not for the first time, given MS already expects us to load up our
sites with conditional comments and extra stylesheets...

It really wouldn't matter so much if they were making IE8 default to IE8,
then letting people set it back to IE7 if they actually need it. This way
around ticks people off for the same reason SPAM ticks them off - they
didn't ask for it!



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