Maybe I'm confused. Do they usually have Flash installed? I thought that screen readers would default to whatever is suppose to be replaced with the Flash when using SWFObject. Maybe it defaults because the Flash isn't enabled... Though, I guess that could be wrong as well.

Steve Green wrote:
Such as?

JAWS (which has something like 50% market share) has a high level of
JavaScript support and I believe that the other professional screen readers
(WindowEyes and HAL/SuperNova) also do. Free and cheap screen readers
generally don't have JavaScript support.

In our experience screen reader users do not turn off JavaScript. In fact
they tend to use pretty much all software as it comes out of the box without
any customisation. The one exception is Windows itself, where it is
beneficial to enable Classic mode and make a few other adjustments,
especially in Vista.


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Mostly empirical evidence, though I've read it in many reliable sources.

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
Christian Snodgrass wrote:
(Most screen readers don't have Javascript enabled, so this is a valid method).
Just wondering if this is based on stats or empirical evidence?



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