K> On 2/16/08, Joe Ortenzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
K> Icons also help people make quick choices and allow you to provide
K> the documents in a tabular format when required.

K> Title of This Lengthy Document [PDF ICON] title="download the PDF:
K> Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document" [MSWORD ICON] title="download the
K> Word Document: Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document"

I use this pattern:
<a href="document.pdf">Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document</a>, PDF, 1234kb

or with icon:
<a href="document.pdf"><img src="pdf.gif" alt="Download PDF" 
/>Title_of_This_Lengthy_Document</a>, PDF, 1234kb

Alexey Novikov

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