Hi Dwain,

Hard to tell what is going on... Can you put a simplified version online for
us to see? Easier for people to help then  :)


> when i view this site on the internet with nn4 the design breaks.  i expected
> this.  nn4 sees the background png and the background images as well even
> though the rest of the design breaks.
> i placed netscape.css first and adg-styles.css second in meta order.  i would
> expect that the same styles in both sheets would make nn4 go ga-ga, but i get
> no styles at all in nn4.  i placed the same styles from the "default" sheet in
> the netscape style sheet to work on getting nn4 to at least accept margins,
> but no, nothing, nada.  now i'm really puzzled.  i'm going to work this out.
> any ideas why nn4 shows no styles, when fed the same style sheet that breaks
> it on the web, locally?
> dwain

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