That sounds very complex to achieve, if it is possible:
As things stand, the lines you are talking about don't actually exist, they are 
an artefact of the tiled bb image you are using (nb, the effect was too subtle 
for me to see on the first machine I viewed your site on) - to do what you 
describe you will first of all have to make those lines tangible somehow, or at 
the very least a single diagonal line that could be positioned to give you the 
visual effect you describe.
Secondly you have to detect the transitions between one line and the next, 
which require either a tangible block (not easy for a diagonal), an image map, 
or some careful maths tied to some JavaScript.
Out of all that, all I can see that would be possible would be to set up two 
approximately full-page-size layers above your background, but beneath all of 
your content. One layer with a single grey diagonal line, and the other with a 
single black diagonal line. 
Then, track the position of the mouse, and if it is over any of the content, 
hide both floating layers.
If the mouse is over the calculated position of a grey line, then show the 
black-line-layer, with the position adjusted so that the overlay line 
co-incides with the bg-line.
When the mouse moves over to a black line, hide the black-line-layer, make the 
grey-line-layer visible, and position appropriately.
That sounds like a lot of work to me, maybe too much code to even work, but 
does sound like a fun effect, if the colours had a fraction more contrast.
Everyone: feel free to chip in if you think I have missed anything,


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        Hey Mike,  thereĀ“s a black line and a grey line ........when the mouse 
passes over one grey line it becomes black............when the mouse passes 
over one black line it becomes grey..............only the line that the mouse 
passes over would change its color..not the whole bg or the other lines....

        On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 4:57 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

                Do I understand this right: you want the background to change, 
as the mouse passes over one of these diagonal lines - or just when the user 
mouses over any part of the background?


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