Hi all,


Only my personal website I've used transparent PNGs a lot...  I've been
rather picky on how it looks, so that the shadows look natural etc.


But this means that the file sizes are HUGE and download is really long.


I created the PNGs in Photoshop (CS3) and just wondering if there are any
better tools or ways of saving the PNGs for smaller file size, while still
retaining their high quality??


Address is: www.maemay.co.nz 


Any other constructive feedback is welcome too, I'd love to hear what you
think.  (However please ignore the styles in the header for now - I still
need to move these to separate stylesheets and I'm working on a server that
doesn't give me FTP access, etc. so planning to do that in the next couple
of days when I can get access... long story!)




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