Fireworks also has some really nice optimization tools for all formats.

Rachel May wrote:
Thanks for your replies everyone - I'll check out those tools.

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Rachel May wrote:

I created the PNGs in Photoshop (CS3) and just wondering if there are
any better tools or ways of saving the PNGs for smaller file size, while
still retaining their high quality??

Best. Graphics. Optimiser. PlugIn.

 I use PNGGauntlet as an after process to optimize those PNGs.

 Unfortunately it only supports Windows.

The Gimp (graphics editor) has PngCrush built into its save routine.
You could also run PngCrush separately, I guess, but I never have
because I always use The Gimp.

Also, PngQuant runs on *nix boxes (and Windows?) and allows you to
reduce the palette size of PNGs. Save a PNG as indexed and then tell
PngQuant to rerender the PNG with a fixed palette size (up to 256
entries, I think) and it will dither any colors that don't fit in the
palette. You can try with different palette sizes to see what tradeoff
of size/quality works for you.



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