I have doing a site for someone for a few years now. He recently requested a few minor changes whilst he was at my office, so I did them whilst he was present, and he approved. Today he wrote to me from his home:

"The changes you made to my website are not showing at this end. Do I need to access a different website address or access it anew perhaps ? Also, I've just realised why my photos are missing: there's an unwanted "tool bar" blocking access to them."

The page he refers to has one composite image at the top. No flash, dead simple html. Deary me - I've no idea what he means!

N.B. This is, actually, on-topic because it indicates just how ignorant some users are - many in my experience - and it flies in the face of those members of this list who believe that most users know about the 'back button' (to give one example).

Just off in search of my revolver . . .


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