Tom Livingston provided the following information on 28/05/2008 3:26 AM:
Can anyone give me a clear example/explanation of the difference
between the alt attribute and the title attribute? How about a real
'attributes for dummies' reference?? The difference seems very slight
to me...

Hi Tom,

This might be useful: "The alt attribute must be specified for the IMG and AREA elements. It is optional for the INPUT and APPLET elements." It's taken directly from:

Perhaps worth noting is that "alt" is short for "alternative text". Literally, a text equivalent of the element.

On 27 May 2008, at 20:10, Andrew Freedman wrote:
I may be wrong here but I've always worked on the premise that alt is alternative text for when the image isn't available (For whatever reason) and the title is the title of the image. An example would be alt="Customer Care Logo" title="We Care about you"

If I read your right (assuming this hypothetical image actual has the text "We Care About You" embedded in it), the alt attribute value would be "We Care about you" and there would be no title.

Regarding the title attribute: "The title attribute may annotate any number of elements". Taken from:

How about a real
'attributes for dummies' reference??

You can pretty much get all the information you need on any attribute from the recommendation:

Hope that helps,


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