James Ellis wrote:
you can run either version from the relevant file location, but not at the same time.

You can run any number of versions at the same time, but you have to use separate profiles - the profile can only be active in one instance at a time.

You have to use the -no-remote command line switch (either on the command line or modify the shortcut) and use -P to specify the profile, like this:

firefox.exe -no-remote -P default

Will start a separate instance of Firefox with the default profile (if it's not already in use), then:

firefox.exe -no-remote -P default30

Will start another separate instance with the default30 profile (assuming you've created it). The proviso is your 'main' version of Firefox needs to run without -no-remote if you want the desktop integration stuff to work properly, so you have to start that first. You can use the -ProfileManager switch to get the dialogue for creating new profiles the first time.

Obviously, adjust all the above for file extensions and paths appropriate to your platform.


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