What's your views on Pop-Ups? When I speak in terms of Pop-Ups I am
referring to the alert type Pop-Ups that are a part of the Browser Object
Model and NOT window Pop-Ups. The ones that are considered annoying!

I personally do not think they are annoying when used in the right way.
Google Mail uses them correctly. When you are writing an email and you
decide to close the tab or move to another webpage it will alert you and ask
you if you want to abandon the email you have spent 15 minutes writing and
forgot to save as a draft. In the same way MS Word would ask you if you want
to save an unsaved project. A good thing in my books.

They are probably only best used in Ajax applications in certain situations
when a users attention is needed. We have no problems using them in desktop
applications so why not use them in web applications (I am talking about
applications not web pages).

I am only writing this because I see developers label Pop-Ups as annoying.
Ganted, when used in the wrong way they are annoying, but you abuse anything
(including tables) and it becomes annoying/wrong.

To summarize, what's your views on Pop-Ups

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