On Sat, 02 Aug 2008 23:32:16 -0400, Michael Horowitz wrote:
> The live page is horowitzfamily.net.  I'm just learning positioning and this 
> seemed to
> work.  The issue as mentioned earlier was transparency in my image.
> however I am just learning to do css without tables and really don't know 
> what I
> "should" be doing for positioning.  Quite honestly in hacking around this 
> worked.  I'll
> be happy to get feedback on better techniques for the future

CSS gives you a lot of options for positioning elements on a page.
As with all design issues, the "best" choice is usually a compromise,
depending on what you want to achieve.

My first choice for positioning elements is often to use margins -
including negative margins on occasion. See this CommunityMX article
for more:


Hope this helps.


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